Get development board

Get your favorite hardware from Sipeed's official Taobao store: Taobao

1. Required hardware

1.1. -A development board

Choose a board here

1.2. USB Type C cable


Type-C is chosen because it supports positive and negative insertion and is very friendly to development.

Buy from official Taobao and ask if it is included, most of the current Android phones are also using Type C cable

1.3. Screen

By default, the LCD (24pin interface) of the st7789 driver chip is used with a resolution of 320x240.

Buy from official Taobao and ask if it is included

1.4. Camera

Use ov2640 by default

Buy from official Taobao and ask if it is included

1.5. Micro SD Card (TF Card) (optional)

Optional SD card can also manipulate files. Some of the internal Flash has been reserved as a file system, but Flash is very slow!

In order to facilitate the quick operation of the picture file, you can choose to purchase a Micro SD card, MaixPy has built-in SPI SD card protocol driver.

When purchasing, try to choose a new Micro SD card with fast speed, such as SD 2nd generation protocol, Class10 memory card.

Of course, the quality of SD cards on the market is uneven, and the SPI mode may not be compatible. Try to buy a regular card. Or maybe you should customize the driver code ~~

As shown below, the two cards on the left are not supported by the MaixPy driver. Both the middle and the right are supported, but the class10 card in the middle is the fastest.

If you purchase Maix Go, it integrates a STM32 chip to simulate the 'USB to serial' tool, and simulate JTAG. If you want to update its firmware later, it is recommended to buy a ST-Link Spare

1.7. JTAG Debugger (optional)

K210 This chip supports JTAG debugging. If you need debugging function, you need to use JTAG debugger. Please consult the official Sipeed Taobao shop.

If you are using a Maix Go development board, you don't need to purchase the JTAG debugger separately. The Max Go development board has an integrated STM32 chip that can emulate JTAG (STM32 uses CMSIS-DAP or open-ec firmware), open-ec firmware is not currently supported, but will be supported later, please refer to the open-ec github project home page description

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